Text Pidato – The Youth Lifestyle 2

Asslamu’alaikum Wr.Wb.

You’re Excellency, the juries of speech contest,

Honorable audience,

First of all, let’s pray and thanks unto our God Allah SWT, the lord of the world. Who has been giving us mercies and blessings so, we can attend and gather in this nice place, in good condition and happy situation.

Secondly, may shalawat and salam always be with our best prophet Mohammad SAW. Who has guided us from the darkness to the brightness, from the stupidity to the cleverness namely Islam religion.

Thirdly, I would like to say, thanks to the master/mistress of ceremony, for giving me time to deliver my speech under the title The Youth Lifestyle.

Dear audience,

Nowadays, there no many youth who are eager to keep their own cultures. They do not like to save the real culture of Indonesia, for example the way of dressing. In the term of dressing, it seems that many Indonesian youth are not proud of their national clothes, or the clothes that show the identity of Indonesia. They prefer the styles of dressing which are produced by other countries or other nations. They prefer Western styles to national styles. As the result, many female youth who dress impolitely. They like to wear immoral dress. Then, they also like to show the beauty of their body while they are dressing.

Dear brothers and sisters,

The above phenomena are very ironic because it identifies that today’s youth lifestyle is getting worse. Then, in term of culture, many Indonesian cultures that have been claimed by other countries. The origin of Reog from Ponorogo, and the origin of Batik have been claimed by other countries. There are many Indonesian cultures which will be taken by other countries, and these phenomena happened because Indonesian youth do not keep and save them as the richness of Indonesian heritage.

Dear audience,

The habits of today’s youth are much influenced by the artists who become their idols. They like to imitate the way their idols dressing and the way they are behaving. For example Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Michael Jacson and Syahrini. They like to enjoy the luxurious life than to enjoy being the ones who are very humble. Then, today’s youth start leaving the national products. They feel ashamed to use the national products because they do not love it anymore. Now, they are crazy about the branded things which are produced by other countries.

Dear brothers and sisters,

The other phenomenon that we can see in the middle of the youth life is the way of eating. In term of eating, nowadays, many youth that feels ashamed to eat in the places where traditional food is served. They feel shy to eat in ‘Warung’ or ‘Warteg’. They prefer eating in KFC, McDonald, or other fast food restaurant to eating in the places where traditional food is served.

Dear Audience,

The development of technology has also influenced the lifestyle of the youth. They can make so many friendships with the people from other districts or other counties through the account of face-book or twitter. From this way of life, the youth do not like to spend their time in the middle of their family anymore. They like to gather with their friends, or they like to spend much of their time by being on line through face-book. Then, ironically, the youth run those ways of life because they do not want to be categorized as ‘Cupu’ people. They do not want to be call as the ‘Kuper’ people, so they always try hard to make many friends out of their house.

Dear brothers and sisters,

From the above explanation, we summarize that, there are still many bad lifestyles which can cause some badness in this life. There are many youth whose behavior, attitude, and other ways of life need to be constructed. However, the youth are the hope for the future. They are responsible to brighten the future of the nation. They are responsible to save the future which is in their hands.

Finally, as the hope of the nation, and as the hope of religion, may Allah open the hearts of Indonesian youth so they can be aware and be responsible for the living of the future. Amin…

Ok, that’s all for me, please forgive me, if you found a lot of mistakes. Thanks for your great attention. May God bless us forever.

Wassalamualaikum Wr.Wb.