Teks Pidato – The Youth Lifestyle

Assalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb.

You’re Excellency, the juries of speech contest,

Honorable audience,

First of all, let’s pray and thanks unto our God Allah SWT, the lord of the world. Who has been giving us mercies and blessings so, we can attend and gather in this nice place, in good condition and happy situation.

Secondly, may shalawat and salam always be with our best prophet Mohammad SAW. Who has guided us from the darkness to the brightness, from the stupidity to the cleverness namely Islam religion.

Thirdly, I would like to say, thanks to the master/mistress of ceremony, for giving me time to deliver my speech under the title The Youth Lifestyle.

Dear audience,

There are many kinds of people living on this earth, and some of them are the youth. The youth are those who are very unique because they have their own lifestyle. Lifestyle is defined as the way how an individual or a group live. The youth have unique habits. They like to try the new things, and they prefer being out of their home to keeping staying at home. Then, the other habit of the youth is that they like to be together with their group.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Still the other thing which is correlated to the youth is the way of dressing. Today’s youth’s way of dressing is much different from the way of dressing of the ancient youth, especially the Muslims youth. Nowadays, Muslims youth do not obey Islam rules. They start leaving Islamic laws. Many women do not dress as Syariah asks. Many Muslim women do not close their hair with any veil. They like to show the beauty of their hair. Then, they like to imitate the way the western people dress, and they start forgetting the truly clothes of Indonesia which show national identity.

Dear my Muslims brothers and sisters,

Going with the development of technology, the habit, attitude, and the behavior of the youth are getting worse. Years ago, when the night came, there was no many any youth who went out of their house to hang out. They spent their nights by reading Qur’an, studying, or gathering with their family, but now, many youth have forgotten these good habits. They don’t like to spend their nights by reading Quran, studying, or gathering with their family anymore. They prefer spending their nights in Internet center. They prefer enjoying the existence of social network to studying at home. They prefer enjoying face-book to gathering with their family.

Dear audience,

There is no any mistake for enjoying the development of technology. There is no any fault for operating face-book, but however, we may not forget our main responsibility as the youth. The youth are responsible for the future of the nation. The youth are responsible for the living of their religion, then, the youth are responsible for their own brighter future. So, from now on, the youth must be back to their real responsibility. They must be aware that the future of the nation and the future of the nation are on their hands. They must grow the positive habits. They must save their national heritage. Then, in every second of their time, they must show a great development which can make everyone in their surroundings smile and be proud of them.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Finally, may Allah SWT bless every step of ours and give some goodness in our lives.

Wassalamualikum Wr. Wb.